Anticoagulation Solutions 

Alere™ Anticoagulation Solutions is a leading provider of anticoagulation testing devices, home monitoring services and data management applications.

Alere is the leader in anticoagulation monitoring and management services. We’ve helped over 17,000 clinicians track 500,000 patients and 50 million INR tests by providing the critical tools needed to safely manage anticoagulation therapy. Our broad range of solutions include decision support applications, centralized patient management software, and health management support for individuals testing at home. We improve clinical, operational and economic outcomes for physicians, and offer more freedom and better quality of life for patients.

Alere™ Home Monitoring

Alere Home Monitoring, Inc. is the leader in home anticoagulation monitoring services, bringing more years of experience than any other national provider. Our industry-leading service program includes insurance coverage determination, proprietary training techniques, results reporting, testing compliance and more.

Alere CoagClinic® Application

Managing INR test results is simple with the Alere CoagClinic® data management application. The web-based portal allows clinicians to analyze both point-of-care and patient self-testing results anytime, anywhere. And with a built-in algorithm for dosing, making adjustments in a patient’s therapy can be done in minutes.