Home INR Monitoring Program Overview

The Alere™ Home INR Monitoring program supports in-home INR testing, proven to be the standard of care for monitoring warfarin with a complete suite of product, service, and technology.

Alere offers you the best support for all your anticoagulation management needs. We provide the resources required for you to develop a successful Home INR Monitoring program, including:

  • Convenient enrollment programs
  • Specific guidance for patient selection
  • Insurance verification
  • Billing support
  • Customer service support
  • Patient education
  • Secure results reporting
  • Clinical summary reporting
  • Risk management services
  • Regular reporting on clinic program enrollment, barriers and outcomes

Clinical Benefits of Patient INR Self-Testing

Home INR Monitoring provides clinically relevant INR tests between routine clinician visits, providing a higher level of INR control and quality of care for your patients. Increased testing frequency results in fewer INR amplitudes which are commonly associated with and increased risk of adverse events.

Support with Greater Compliance

Alere will work with you to customize an approach for implementing the Home INR Monitoring program to meet the needs of your practice. Our services ensure patients become successful long-term home testers including Face-2-Face® training, service protocols, ongoing business/patient reports, data management solutions, and patient education.

Manage your anticoagulation patients at your fingertips.

The web-based Alere CoagClinic® decision support application allows you to keep track of INR results, dosing and more – anytime, anywhere.

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