Data Management

Web-Based Decision Support Application for Anticoagulation Management

The Alere CoagClinic® data management application allows you to easily track your anticoagulation patients in the clinic or at home. The web-based system offers comprehensive features to maximize productivity and reduce risk. An intuitive interface makes it easy for clinicians to learn how to use the program and decision support tools such as a dosing algorithm based on ACCP (American College of Chest Physicians) guidelines expedites important communication with patients.

Improve productivity and reduce risk with the web-based Alere CoagClinic® data management application.

The Alere CoagClinic® application helps you improve patient outcomes, manage large patient populations, document visit history & adverse events, calculate suggested medication dosages, provide educational materials and facilitate reimbursement. Whether your patients test in the clinic, at home or both, the unique features of the Alere CoagClinic® application allow you to improve patient safety and maximize productivity.

Track Results

  • Easily manage point-of-care, home or lab results
  • Quickly calculate and track INR compliance
  • Make speedy decisions with built-in ACCP (American College of Chest Physicians) guidelines and dosing algorithms

Manage Risk

  • Access outcomes data instantly for greater visibility
  • Pull up to 40 different reports in seconds
  • System is FDA registered and meet MPSG 3E standards

Streamline Costs

  • Enhance billing with less days outstanding
  • Reduce the frequency of manual chart pulls
  • Maximize patient throughput

Protect Security

  • Instant access through secure internet site
  • High level 128-bit security encryption
  • Tier 3 data center, according to TIA-942 standards
  • Multiple servers with automated backup

The Alere CoagClinic® 10.0 EHR Module is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Alere CoagClinic Version 10.0

EHR Modular (Ambulatory)

Holds Certificate No. 05142015-0263-3

Date Certified: 05/14/2015

Modules Tested: 170.314(a) (3, 4, 6, 7, 11); (d) (1-8); (g) (1, 3, 4)

No Clinical Quality Measures tested

No additional software used

ONC Certified HIT

Costs and Limitations: As part of the client service agreement, this certified product may have recurring and /or one-time fees for support and licensing. There are no additional costs for the certified functionality; the features are incorporated into the product at no additional costs to clients. This solution is web based, requires the use of a current web browser and may require the execution of a contract and business associates agreement. There are no additional technical, practical or contractual limitations.

Improving Efficiency

Managing INR test results is simple with the Alere CoagClinic® data management application.

The Alere CoagClinic® application allows you to quickly document test results, make informed decisions about dosing adjustments and print reports for patient counseling and billing – creating overall efficiency for your practice.

Quickly view critical information

The home screen of the Alere CoagClinic® application allows you to quickly see an overview of critical information for all anticoagulation patients.

  • Scheduled tests for the month (calendar based)
  • Overdue list for any missed tests
  • Any results pending review

Convenient data management during a clinic visit

Finding a patient’s chart for a visit is simple and only requires you to type in a few letters of their last name. Once their disease state chart is pulled up, you can easily review historical INR results, medications and any other relevant notes prior to the visit. During the clinic visit, you can quickly document vital signs, INR results, dosage adjustments and more.

Check with your representative for devices from which the system can pull test results. Once the INR result has been entered, a dosage adjustment can be calculated using a built-in algorithm. The algorithm takes into account the patient’s INR goal, current INR result and current medication dosage and tablet strength. The algorithm can be overridden at any time based upon clinical judgment.

In addition, the system allows you to track any patient medication and alerts you of possible drug to drug and warfarin interactions.

At the end of the visit, it is easy to schedule the next test or patient visit. Securely signing off on the patient encounter creates two handouts – one take home report for the patient and a detailed report for their file.


Easily review remote patient-self testing results

Test results from patients monitoring their INR at home are electronically loaded into the Alere CoagClinic® data management application. Clinicians can easily view remote patient results at any time. Alerts can be set up for any out of range test results, allowing for immediate intervention if necessary.

Alere CoagClinic® Application Demo

See just how easy it is to manage your anticoagulation patients with the Alere CoagClinic® data management application.

The Alere CoagClinic® application is a simple way to manage INR test results for all of your patients, whether they test in the lab, clinic or at home.

Watch our brief software demo to learn more.

Manage your anticoagulation patients at your fingertips.

The web-based system offers comprehensive features to maximize productivity and reduce risk. Click here to request more information