Anticoagulation Management with EMR Compatibility

The Alere CoagClinic® application is compatible with many electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

If you already have an EMR system established in your organization, the Alere CoagClinic® data management application can still be an option for you. We have set up successful integrations via HL7 with many EMR systems in the past. We can work with you to do the same for your organization.

Via HL7, Alere CoagClinic interfaces with patient management EMR, LIS and many billing systems. Specifically designed for easy management of your anticoagulation population, Alere CoagClinic is a great compliment to your existing data management system.

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INR Visibility + Tighter Control = Patient Safety

Alere is a leading provider of anticoagulation home monitoring services and data management applications. Find out how we can help you improve clinical outcomes, office efficiencies, and reduce risk. 

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